Specialities Of Madurai

Madurai is known for many special products. The flower "Jasmine" is very famous here. Every woman has a desire for this 'Madurai malligai'. It has special attraction towards the people. The food habits in madurai is in such a way that the people are able to prevent any diseases due to the intake of healthy food. Various types and variety of fruits are all available here. In season times the price is also very low, because of assembling various types from different places. Fruits like Athippalam, fashion fruit, strawberries etc are also available. At important places there are fruit juice parlours known as "palamuthir cholai", where people refresh themselves. Madurai is known for a famous drink named "Jigarthanda". People of all ages are addicted to this drink. It is not available elsewhere except madurai.

Madurai is a famous shopping spot. All varities of costumes from different places are being assembled in a place called "puthu mandapam" opposite Meenakshi Amman Temple. All kinds of costumes are available here under one roof. Costumes used for a bridal make-up, north indian costumes, costumes for Gods and goddess etc are also available. Surrounding the Meenakshi temple, all the textile showrooms, Jewellery shops, hotels, fruit stalls, sweet stalls, ice cream stalls etc are located.

Madurai is known for its hospitality. It treats its guests with good respect and provides them food at any time. May be that’s why Madurai is still called “Thoonga Nagaram”. It was in Madurai that Tamil got its true respect. The Tamil Sangam started in Madurai was responsible for re-establishing the Tamil language as the language of Tamilnadu. Great poets compiled their verses and presented before the God, in Tamil Sangam. Legend says that Lord Shiva himself came to test one of his favourite devotee Nakkirar. Madurai with rich cultural heritage, beautiful buildings, benevolent people can rightly be called as the “ATHENS of the EAST”.