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Ayakudi is located in the district of Dindigul, TamilNadu. The place is very near to Palani.

The co ordinates are 10°26’23.0″N 77°34’21.0″E!!!


The panchayat town ‘Ayakudi’ is said or believed to be the origin lands for the Ay dynasty or the Ay kingdom. The town is famous for its cultivation of guava and guava markets.

There are lots of temples in Ayakudi. The temples are constructed by some group of people from a particular community, and some of temples are built by families. Normally the festivals are between March to June. Mariamman Temple, BatraKaliamman Temple, Alagu Natchiamman Temple, Ponnalagu Amman Temple, Komalavalli Amman Temple, Vinayagar Temple, Karupanasamy Temple, Eswaran Temple, Jamia Masjid, Church are found in Ayakudi. 

It is also known for sugarcane, cotton, paddy, lime and mango cultivation that are exported to various countries.

Ayakudi – A spiritual town !!!