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Bison Wells


Bison wells are located in the Palani Hills, Palani.


Temples and in that especially Lord Murugan rings a bell in our minds when it comes to Palani, but hills is also there in the name, flora and fauna are guaranteed for your trip to Palani. You can witness the presence of animals, such as bison, birds, elephants, tigers, monkeys, and deer.

Bison Wells is a wildlife area that has a large population of Indian bisons, elephants, monkeys, deer, tigers and different species of birds. In search of water to the natural wells is the sole reason for the place to be named as the ‘Bison Wells’. 

To all the people out there, who loves to watch and enjoy wildlife, this is the region definitely to be visited. A bison well nestled in Palani hills is an ideal destination catering the needs of nature lovers, hikers, trekkers, and bird watchers.

The perfect place to closely enjoy and feel the nature!