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Idumban Temple


Idumban Temple is located in Idumban hills in the city of Palani, Dindigul.


Sage Agastya wanted to take two hills: Sivagiri and Saktigiri to his abode in the South and commissioned his asuran disciple Idumban to carry them. Idumban was one of the very few asuran survivors of the fierce war between Murugan’s forces and those of Surapadman.

Idumban collected the hills in his shoulder by means of sacred snakes which were used instead of ropes. This was the prototypical of what devotees and pilgrims do and call it as, Kavadi. Near the forest at a site now known as Palani. Idumban, weary, set the hills down while he rested. When he attempted to resume his journey, he found that the hills were stuck to the ground Upon ascending the slopes he encountered a youth clad only in a loin cloth, holding a staff, and “…shining like a thousand suns”. This youth claimed the hills as his own. In the subsequent fight, Idumban was killed. Both Agastya and Idumpi (Idumban’s wife), interceded and pleaded on Idumban’s behalf, and Murugan restored Idumban to life.

Idumban requested that he remain forever at the portal of Murugan’s shrine. Murugan duly appointed Idumban as official gatekeeper at his temple and advised that henceforth all who worshipped Murugan with a Kavadi would first acknowledge Idumban.


To the left of the Palani hills is this Idumban temple, and those who visit this temple should yield their prayers to Idumban first before submitting their prayers to Lord Murugan in Palani hills. The idol in this temple is 13 feet tall with Idumban carrying the “Kavadi”. The temple was built, by the grace of Lord Murugan to Idumban, opposite to the main Lord Murugan temple and was consecrated in the year 2002. 

540 steps to reach the temple, that also holds shrines of Lord Vinayaka and Lord Muruga.

This temple should be your first must see place when you visit Palani!!!