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Keeranur is located in Dindigul district, TamilNadu. It is situated between Palani and Dharapuram.


A small panchayat town that lies between Dharapuram and Palani towns holds agriculture as the main occupation.  More than 65% of the population is involved in the agriculture industry. About 1,500 acres of wetlands are available at the Shanmuga river basin. A tank ‘Alangulam’ holds seasonal water for agricultural purposes.

As the town is near to the place Palani, which is very popular because of Lord Murugan temple, Keeranur also has prominent Hindu temples in the village and some of them are the Mariamman Temple, Karuppannaswamy Temple, Pappathi Amman Temple and Semmandi Amman Temple.

Keeranur has a prominent old mosque called Big Mosque(MMPS) which has two very high minarets.

An old Christian church fell to ruin, although a small church is under construction.