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Kodiveri Dam


Kodiveri Dam is located on the river of Bhavani, near Sathyamangalam.


A very good and a safe place in Gobichettipalayam, where you can ease yourself by bathing in that water that streams and splashes over there. This weekend tourist spot has not ever failed to impress the tourists. The picturesque location of the check dam is what provides the spot the identity of a tourist destination. The play area for children and the grass lawns, though not maintained well, whip up the ambience for the visitors to slip into the holiday mood instantly. The serene spot gains vibrancy during weekends, according to the staff of Public Works Department that maintains the check dam.

At a distance of 75 Kms from Coimbatore is this dam, which is constructed on the Bhavani River, that provides irrigation water for over 25000 hectars of land. There is a beautiful Park developed at bottom of the dam with many attractions.

It was constructed by the Maharaja of Mysore in the 17th century, with a workforce that combined the labor of elephants and his prisoners. Creating the dam consisted of carving a 20-foot wall of rock. The stones were then interlocked with iron bars and lead was used as mortar. These features, however, are not visible except in the dry season when the water level in the river drops considerably. Two channels arise from the dam, one is on the northern side of Bhavani River and the other on the southern side viz “Arakkan Kottai Channel” and “Thadapalli Channel” respectively. Lands north of Gobichettipalayam are fertile due to the flow of the Thadapalli channel. Cultivation of sugarcane and paddy are predominant in this area. The lush green fields are also a pleasure to watch.

The entertainment is easy on the pockets; the entry ticket costs just Rs. 4 for a person.