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It is located in the Tirupur district of TamilNadu.

The co ordinates are 10°34’00.1″N 77°21’00.0″E


Around 20000 people living, Madatukkulam is specifically located between Udumalpet and Palani which holds agriculture as its main occupation.

There are three reasons to visit if you’re either traveling to Palani or Udumalpet and are as follows:

  • If you are a person who loves to visit industries and learn something new, say for how things are made and how the life of industrial workers is, there are 6 paper mills, 1 tannery, 1 dyeing mill and 1 dairy.

  • There are many religious places in and around the Madatukkulam. . There is a well-known Lord Siva temple  in Kadathur, which is 7 km north from Madathukulam. In this temple, the morning sun rays that falls on the river water (Amaravathi) reflect on the shrine, which is a unique feature among other temples.
    The Temples are:
    Sri AlaguNachiAmman Temple (at Karatholuvu),
    Sri Ramalinga Sowdeswari Amman Temple (at Narashingapuram),
    Sri Karuppannaswamy temple,
    Sri Ganapathy temple,
    Sri Sowdambika temple,
    Sri Mariamman temple (at a nearby place called Kazhukarai),
    Sri Lakshmi Narayana Perumal temple (at Chozhamaadevi),
    Sri Kulasekara Peruman (Lord Siva temple with Kunguma Valli ambal at Chozhamaadevi),
    Sri Idaicheeswari Amman temple (at Midapadi).


  • The Amaravathi River runs through the town.