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Periya Nayaki Amman Temple


The temple is located in Palani, TamilNadu.


Palani is known for its temple devoted to Lord Murugan but there is also another temple devoted for the mother of Lord Murugan, Parvati Mata. She is the prime deity of the temple thereby the name ‘Periya Nayaki Amman Temple’. The temple lies in the heart of Palani and is 2 kilometer from the Adivaaram. 

The temple is big and built in South Indian Architectural style. The temple was built four centuries before by the Nayaks and enlarged by chieftains of Palani, Ayakudi and Neikkarappatti.

When observed closely it will reveal that the temple was built mainly for Lord Muruga, and then the Kailasanathar temple on the northern side and Periya Nayaki Amman Temple on the southern side were constructed on later stages. All the three temples are lavishly adorned with filigree work of supreme artistry. The ace sculptural craft man ship reflecting the refined taste of the builders and the sculptors elevate the souls. This spacious temple besides housing the three most adorable deities is also serving as an art gallery, since all the Vahanas made in wood, silver and iron of several shrines under the temple management are kept there. Their shapes, sizes and superb craft man ship offer a royal banquet to the eyes.

Significance of the Temple:

On the day of Vijayadasami, the Lord is brought from the hill temple to this temple and the Utsava deity Muthukumarasami uses it to destroy evil and usher in an era of hope and good cheer after Navarathri.

In the month of Aadi (July-August) 100,000 archanas are performed in this temple. Particularly, the Fridays of this month are crowded days here and one has to inch his/her way to the sanctum.