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Pondicherry Museum

This Government museum housing some of the superb collections of sculpture is located in the Bharathi Park, Puducherry. This museum has an excellent gallery with sculptures and has the remains of archaeological findings from the Arikamedu Roman settlement.

Its ragtag contents are also worth an hour or so: Chola bronzes, beads and coins from the Roman-era excavations at Arikamedu, old Pondicherrian vehicles like the pousse-pousse, and artifacts from Dupleix’s time.

It also houses sculpture from Pallava, Chola and Vijaynagara temples. There are Budhha images from Pondicherry/Kirmampakkam and bronzes from the Chola, Vijaynagara and Nayaka periods, arms and weapons. The place gives an insight in to history of the region, this is a good visit if you have around couple of hours to spare in Puducherry.

There is a printing press dated 1820, old journals and books which were published here at that time, as well as weapons like guns, swords, spears, lances and cannons.