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Ramar Temple- Coimbatore


Ramar Temple, near to the central bus terminal Gandhipuram, is located in Ramnagar.


Not only Rama disciples but others too come here to worship Lord Rama as this temple is a very famous temple in the city of Coimbatore. Located at the heart of the city, the temple is just a five minute walk from the central bus terminal. As the name indicates the temple is entirely dedicated to Lord Ram, the rituals and the ceremonies are being conducted in a deep faith. It is a prominent center of religious discourses and discussions in the city.

This is a very old temple and dates back to the origin of this city as a tiny settlement. Ram Nagar came into being in the year 1914 and the temple in the year 1933. A 53-ft tall five-tier Rajagopuram was constructed and scenes from Ramayana have been sculpted in the gopuram.

Daily events as upanyasam and other poojas take place in the temple during evening times.