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Swamimalai Hills


It is located in Yelagiri, a hill station in the Vellore district of TamilNadu, India.


For all you trekkers out there, Swamimalai is the perfect and a popular destination for trekking. The trek would be really great, as it has a good green cover and a shade all over. These hills possess the shape of a cup with its base so strong at the bottom and a high peak. Swamimalai is the highest point in Yelagiri. The weather at Yelagiri is pleasant, breeze and chill during the evenings is unforgettable. Nature strives in this hills.

This Swamimalai is a 3 km (each way), steep uphill trek, that is way more challenging than that elliptical machine at the gym. The starting point of the trek is a little village called ‘Mangalam’, which can be identified easily by a temple in that village.
After this, I want you to experience the trek in person rather than reading how the trek in this hills would be. What are you waiting for? Book your tickets to Vellore and share your experience on trekking.
I suggest your trekking be done early in the morning, so that you can spend more time with the nature and the cloud after reaching to the top.