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Thillai Kali Amman Temple


A Hindu Temple located on the outskirts of the town of Chidambram, Cuddalore District, TamilNadu, India.


Mother Brahmma Chamundeeswari is also praised as Thillai Amman. The Temple was built by the Chola King Koperujingan (1229-1278). Thilla Kali is a goddess in anger, and the anger was pacified by Lord Brahma by chanting veda and also praising her. Because of Lord Brahma’s penance, Kali became normal.

The specialty of the temple is the Mother Thillai Kali appears with four faces as Lord Brahma. Mother Saraswathi as Veena Vidyambika and Lord Dakshinamurthi in female form praised as Kadambavana Dakshina Rupini grace the devotees from their shrines in the prakara. Devotees pray her lighting lamps on Thursdays seeking high education and academic achievements. Probably, this is the only temple where Lord Dakshinamurthi appears in a female form.

This temple is very old and thronged by the travelers. Compared to weekends, normal week days are better if you want a good darshan of the deity. The temple is managed well and the priests are helpful. They also say that offerings made here can aid small children, who are suffering from nightmare problems. 


Lord Shiva and Mother Kali entered into a dancing contest.  Lord Shiva played His frurious Ugra Thandava and raised His legs upward at a stage and asked Kali if She could play this.  Bound in feminine traits, Kali could not do this.  Though defeated, She became furious.  Lord Brahma appeared there and praised Kali as Veda Nayaki and begged Her to calm down with four faces representing the four Vedas. Kali responded to Brahmma’s prayer and granted darshan to Him as Brahmma Chamundeeswari.  An idol is made in this form separately and installed in the temple.

Kali in all her Glory!!!