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Vallimalai Subramanyar Temple


Located in a village called as Vallimalai, in Katpadi Taluk of Vellore district, Tamil Nadu, India.


Legend says that, Lord Murugan married Valli here. Raised up by the Chief of the tribe, Valli grew up to be a beautiful damsel. Narada muni recounted about Valli with Muruga, thereby Muruga went to woo the damsel Valli. After several vain attempts and finally with Ganesha’s help, Valli and Muruga are united. They elope from Vallimalai and settle down at Thanigai (Thirutthani).

The place is scenic, pleasant and peaceful. This is a two hour drive from the city, as the place is situated far away.

I strongly suggest visiting this place if you happen to be around Vellore!