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Virupaksha Cave


The cave is located in the city of Thiruvannamali, TamilNadu.


Virupaksha Cave!!!

This is where Sri Ramana Maharishi, lived for several years. He is known as the Venkataraman.  It is believed that saint Virupaksha spent most of his life in this cave. he Maharshi stayed in the cave and meditated for about 17 years from 1899 to 1916. People still come to meditate in the cave.
The cave is essentially an ashram in the shape of a perfect ‘OM’ located on the eastern slope of the famous Arunachala hill. It is perched on a small peak just below the Skandasram cave.
There are two routes to reach the Virupaksha cave. One is through Ramana Ashram. The other option is to walk from Thiruvannamalai Temple to the cave. There are also some trekking routes in the area.

Silence, is what you will relish inside this cave. The most perfect place to meditate. Before you climb up, make sure you have all the necessary and essential items, especially your water bottle. You are expected to see monkeys on your way up.

It is also informed to your notice that the place and the cave is very hot. One has to climb up to reach the cave. As such, it may not be a suitable destination for the elders and small children in the family. However, young spiritual seekers as well as adventurous people will enjoy a trip to the Virupaksha Cave.
This is a year round destination and can be visited any time during the year.